Thank you to our exhibitors and sponsors for their support of the 2021 International Symposium. 

Gold Sponsor

Design Science Group, LLC

Design Science has been providing human factors support (as well as ethnographic research/contextual inquiry) for medical product development since its founding in 1991. We have worked on a wide variety of devices and systems, including surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, implantable devices, imaging systems, pharmaceutical packaging, many different types of drug-delivery systems, and various forms of software systems including apps.

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Silver and Poster Session Sponsor

Human Factors MD

HUMAN FACTORS MD was founded in 2001. Our mission has always been to provide the best of the science of human factors to our clients to aid their development of medical devices and combination products. We’ve followed that pathway ever since.

We help our clients succeed by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting customer and end-user data, by applying well-understood but seldom practiced human factors principles, and by utilizing the knowledge and advanced techniques from the science of human factors to improve the usability and safety of medical devices.

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Digital Health Track Sponsor

ReSight Global

ReSight Global is a family of curious researchers helping you deliver outstanding experiences to your customers. Our UX and human factors research agencies in the US (Bold Insight), Japan (Uism), China (XplusX), Germany and Switzerland (uintent), as well as our partners in over 40 countries offer a broad set of tools and methods to seamlessly extend your reach to understand users across borders, and reduce the challenges often associated with global user research.​

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Medical and Drug Delivery Devices Track Sponsor

Schlesinger Clinical Research

We deliver human factors testing data through comprehensive regulatory, cognitive & behavioral data collection expertise you can trust. Our superior recruitment capabilities and panel of 10 billion opted-in, deeply profiled members, including consumers and healthcare professionals, shorten the research timeline. One expert contact oversees recruitment and consistent application of protocols nationwide. Diverse methods: online, in-person, telephone, and mobile and proprietary sites set us apart.​

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Patient Safety Research & Initiatives Track


Ximedica designs and developments healthcare products using a human-centered, integrated processes that are thoughtfully designed, approved, manufactured and ultimately delivered to market.​

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Mobile Health Applications for Consumers Design Competition Sponsor

Rare Patient Voice, LLC

Rare Patient Voice was founded in 2013 to connect patients with the opportunity to share their experiences with those developing products and services for them. Over the past 8 years, we have recruited over 100,000 patients and caregivers across 496 different conditions. We have completed nearly 5,000 studies across the pharmaceutical market research, advertising, health outcomes and economic research, clinical research, and user experience industries.​

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General Sponsor

Healthcare Human Factors

We view healthcare through a human factors lens.
Our team designs and evaluates health products and services to address the complexity of human behaviour and create experiences that are both seamless and safe. Since 2004, we’ve been working to transform healthcare products, services, and systems by combining design and engineering with an in-depth understanding of humans and healthcare.

We know the healthcare system inside-out: Our location within an academic health sciences centre gives us unique insights into the system we are working to change and the people who inspire our work.

We have the space to test and grow big ideas: Our state-of-the-art labs allow us to rigorously evaluate the safety and usability of products with representative end users.

Our diverse backgrounds inform unique solutions: Our team works at the intersection of disciplines, collaborating to approach problems from all angles and provide solutions informed by diverse experience.​

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Networking Event Sponsors


We deliver when others can’t. We conduct research and development, manage laboratories, design and manufacture products, and deliver critical services for our clients – whether you are a multi-national corporation, a small start-up organization or a government agency. We are valued for our independence and ability to innovate.​

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Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics is the primary source of board credentialed practitioners in the field of human factors/ergonomics/user experience. BCPE is internationally renowned since establishing as a non-profit in 1990.

Why become BCPE Certified? Professional certification helps you stand out from the crowd and demonstrates you “know what you don’t know”.

Why Hire a BCPE Certificant? Employers and consumers know they are working with a knowledgeable professional.​

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Fieldwork is a qualitative research partner. We recruit respondents according to client specifications and host in-person, remote, or hybrid research sessions where clients uncover insights for brand and business impact. Fieldwork has built trust and confidence with human factors specialists and medical device manufactures because we understand each case is unique. Fieldwork is the support system to this methodology, we coordinate logistics and provide customized global project management.​

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